Residual Income Calculator

Name Date: 04/02/2020 Loan Number:
Subject Property State: Family Size: Sq footage of Subject Property:

Proposed Loan Amount
Gross Monthly Income Taxable Non-Taxable Grossed Up Total
Borrower One $0.00
Borrower Two $0.00
Borrower Three $0.00
Borrower Four $0.00
Rental Income (All Borrowers)
Total - Income for DTI $0.00
Total - Income for Residual $0.00
Total - Income for Taxable $0.00
Monthly Housing Expense Annual? Monthly Amount
Principal & Interest
Property Taxes 1
Property Taxes 2
Homeowner Insurance
Flood Insurance
Special Assessments
Total Monthly Housing Expense $0.00
Monthly Debts & Obligations
From Credit Report
Other Real Estate Owned (non rentals)
Rental Income Loss (cumulative total)
Child Care Expenses
Total Monthly Debt $0.00
Total All Debt (Total Monthly Debt + Total Monthly Housing Expense + Monthly Estimated Maint & Uitl) $0.00
Monthly Estimated Mainteanance & Utilities $0.00
Monthly Income Taxes - Taxable Income Amount: $0.00
Suggested Federal Rate: Federal Income Tax $0.00
Suggested State Rate: State Income Tax $0.00
Social Security/Medicare $0.00
Total Income Tax $0.00
Residual Income Residual Income Amount: $0.00
Adjustment to required residual income   $0.00
Amount Required for family size $0.00 $0.00
Borrower/Veteran Actual Residual $0.00
Meets Residual Income Requirement Not Calculated
Debt to Income Ratio 0.00%

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